Weekend Escape: Montreal

I was in love with this city before I had even been to it. Ever since I was young, Montreal has had a special place in my heart. For those who know me, you know that I’m obsessed with the French language. Mostly because everyone I know speaks French but me, including my father. He grew up in Montreal so I always loved hearing stories about this city and had always dreamed of seeing it for myself. 

I don’t know why it has taken me such a long to take the drive over to our neighboring province, but when I did it was definitely worth it. The architecture and laid-back culture of the city made me fall in love all over again. 

 Gold Chain Necklace/ From my Grandfather    Black Crop Tank / Forever 21 (No longer Available)      Vintage Denim Shorts / Urban Renewal      Sunnies / UrbanOutfitters 

 Gold Chain Necklace/ From my Grandfather    Black Crop Tank / Forever 21 (No longer Available)      Vintage Denim Shorts / Urban Renewal      Sunnies / UrbanOutfitters 

I plan on using my Polaroid Camera a lot more so be on the look out for some "Polaroid updates" either here on my blog, or on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. While I was in Montreal I made it my goal to take as many Polaroid’s as I possibly could, so here are some of my favourite instant shots. 

Montreal was an amazing time ad this is definitely not my last visit. I hope you guys get a chance to visit a city you've always wanted to go to, and I hope you never stop exploring.

with Peace and Love,

Shanice Romelus

Concert Diaries // Cody Simpson @ the CNE

The following photos are bits and pieces of a roaring night at the CNE. I haven’t been to the CNE in such a long time, and in all honesty, I was only going that night because of the Cody Simpson concert.

I’m a bit of a chicken so I don’t do well with rides. Not to mention I’m trying to eat healthier, so I don’t think being around all the fried mini donuts, cotton candy, pizza, and popcorn would’ve been in my best interest. Nevertheless I downed a huge McDonalds salad and was on my way to the concert. This was my first concert of the season and I have so much more lined up. Therefore consider this the first installation of a series I’d like to call: Concert Diaries. 

The crowd and I waited until sunset to hear the new, chill, and independent vibes of Cody Simpson. It was well worth the wait, because when Cody hit the stage he moved like a wave. Everything he did was so carefree and cool, and he seemed to be completely in sync with his band. The guitar was sweet and smooth, and when the beat boomed in my chest it reminded me why I loved live music so much. I was having such a great time it almost felt as if I was on stage with him. He completely separated himself from his old sound and provided the crowd with something new to float on.

                                                                                                        I took this video on snapchat! 

Every now and then he would stop to talk to the crowd about what he wanted to accomplish, and what he thought music in general should accomplish, it was just a breath of fresh air.

As the concert ended and the crowd dispersed, I realized how bad the humidity got my hair! My straightened hair had turned into an afro, so I ended up buying a Toronto Maple Leafs hat to cover up what mother nature had done to me. At first I was disappointed it wasn’t a Blue Jays hat (because I’m going to one of their games in the near future), but I’ve grown a bit of an attachment to this hat. It’s most likely because the guy at the cash register was extremely attractive, but I’m just gonna pretend it’s because the hat was great souvenir from a great night.

with Peace and Love,

Shanice Romelus

MIXTAPE I : Melting Summer


Melting summer, each flavorous drop is hitting the floor. The beach days, the bike rides, the endless summer nights, it's all coming to an end. Summer is melting right before our eyes and all we can do is watch. Soon it will just be a puddle on the concrete, therefore I've created this playlist, for nostalgic purposes, so that you never forget the glory of Summer 2015 and all that it had to offer. 

Peace & Love,

Shanice Romelus


T  R  A  C  K     L  I  S  T

1. FKA twigs - Two Weeks

2.  MØ -  Say You'll Be There (Cover)

3.  Chet Faker - 1998 ft. Banks

4. Francesco Yates - Better to be Loved

5. Kiiara - Gold

6. NAO - Inhale, Exhale

7. Jack Ü - Take Ü There ft. Kiesza (Missy Elliot Remix)

8. Dillon Francis & Skrillex - Bun up the Dance

9. MØ - XXX 88 (ft. Diplo)