Excuse My French

For those who know me personally, you probably know how obsessed I've been with trying to learn french. Apparently I'm a little more obsessed with the language than I thought I was, because one day my aunt came home with a little surprise for me. I'm in absolute love with this shirt, and when I'm hanging around my french friends I'll be sure to lay down some of my french skills. I don't even have to worry if I say anything wrong, I'll just point to the shirt.

Outfit Details

Excuse My French Top/ Forever 21

This shirt is rather tropical looking however the fabric is pretty thick, and I think it will be an amazing piece to layer with whenever I need to bring sunshine to a gloomy day. Fun pieces like this are perfect for when you have no idea what to wear, throw on this with a pair of jeans and a cute pair of shoes and your set for the day!

Unless You've Got Buns Hun

I've been in love with this hairstyle recently, it's quirky and extremely easy to pull off. Space Buns have been something I've wanted to try for such a long time, but since I have a full head of weave it's difficult to have a high bun hairstyle. Therefore I've switched it up a bit, this was my version of the look.

Photo 2014-09-26, 12 00 26 AM.jpg
Photo 2014-09-26, 12 15 09 AM.jpg
Photo 2014-09-26, 12 00 24 AM.jpg

Outfit Details

Halter Top/ Brandy Melville   Jeans/ Urban Outfitters    Shoes/ TopShop

This striped halter top has been my go to piece for a while now. It's casual and easy to piece with things in my closet, and even though it has an open back, it can easily be worn with a strapless bra. I love wearing high-waisted jeans because I believe that it makes my waist look smaller and my legs look longer. I've paired this all with my favourite boots from TopShop just because I love the height they give me.


Colette : The Café of your Dreams

In the heart of Toronto's fashion district there's a beautiful french cafe named Colette. It's a quiet beautiful place that has everything you would imagine in a french cafe; macaroons, croissants, cappuccinos, and more. I had such an amazing time drinking tea and chatting with friends, I'm so excited to go back for another visit.

Outfit Details

Shirt Dress/ Brandy Melville   Shoes/ TopShop   Backpack/Baggu 

For this day at the cafe I wanted to be comfortable but still stylish, these shirt dresses from Brandy Melville are perfect for that. They're very simple, easy, and give you a large amount of styling options. I've paired this shirt dress with my favourite pair of ankle boots from TopShop. These shoes are awesome because they give me a great amount of height however they're still very comfortable.  


Ready, Set, Fall

This is a baggu backpack. I got it from the Urban Outfitters website.

This is a baggu backpack. I got it from the Urban Outfitters website.

Photo 2014-09-14, 7 09 56 PM.jpg

Hello there everyone,

Believe it or not fall is my favourite season! Although I'm going to miss the warm summer breeze, I must admit I'm extremely excited for sweater weather. In this outfit I've layered my chambray button up from Forever 21, with my favourite new cardigan from H&M. This gave me a warm and comfortable feeling and I didn't feel bulky. I've paired these two pieces with my favourite skinny black pants from H&M and my TopShop boots.

I go to school 3 times a week so look out for brief OOTDs on my instagram.