May Flowers

Hey Hey Everyone I'm BACK!! I took a really long break from blogging to focus on school and get my finals finished off, now that I'm done I have so much more time for blogging. This post was inspired by the saying "April Showers Bring May Flowers" and the floral accessories trend for this summer. I've decided to make own floral headband and I think it turned out pretty well.

Outfit Details

Denim Jacket / Vintage Levis

Halter Top / Brandy Melville

Denim Shorts / Thrifted


I hope everyone is enjoying spring and is excited for the warm summer weather. These flower headbands are such a fun little accessory, especially if you're always wearing basics and neutrals. I'm home for the summer so get ready to see some rad nature shots!  It's been really nice to take a little break from the city and go for walks and bike rides like I used to.

First time in a Studio!

You guys! I've had one of the most exciting weekends! For the first time ever I went to a studio to do some photo styling! I had such a great time shooting with the photographers, bouncing ideas off of them, and seeing our ideas come to life! I can't wait to show you guys the finished results of the shoots that I worked on! I also really enjoyed the interior of the studio as well. There were cool neon signs on the ceiling and really big windows. Be sure to check out the video below because I have some behind the scenes footage!

Outfit Details

Denim Shirt / Vintage Levi's

Boots / TopShop

Happy March everyone! I'm seriously craving warm weather! I miss the days where I could just wear a shirtdress and my TopShop boots everyday. I've used this extra large denim shirt as a dress, and I paired it with some nylons because of the cold weather. Just when I thought I was in for some warmth it started to snow again. Hopefully I'll be able to stop buying nylons soon and strut my legs bare by the end of March.

Mini Room Tour

Hey Hey beautiful people! I just got home from school and I thought it would be a cool idea to give you all a little room tour. During the summer, I worked on my room and tried to make it my favourite little getaway. So far I think it looks pretty cool. I still need to find a cool way to display my clothing considering my room doesn't have a closet. I'll have a video somewhere in the post so that you can see certain parts of my room that I don't have pictures of. If you have any cool ideas to contribute, be sure to let me know.

Photo 2015-02-24, 2 28 35 AM.jpg

Outfit Details

Denim Jacket/ Vintage Levis (Thrifted)

Sweater Dress/ Forever 21

Socks/ Ardene

Boots/ Jeffrey Campbell Litas 

This is what I wore to school today. It was pretty cold out, but surprisingly my legs weren't as cold as I thought it would be. I missed wearing my denim jacket everyday in the spring and summer, I also almost forgot how cool it is! I hope you guys enjoyed the youtube video in the post. I'm going to try to have one with each blog post! Hopefully it works out.

Coffee and Commuting via Instagram

The cold weather has been making it extremely difficult to share my recent adventures with you guys, so I decided to break it all down through Instagram for you, thank me later *Drake Voice*.  So of course I can't wear my infamous TopShop Platforms considering they're canvas, and the snow is well over my ankles. So I've switched them out for an older and warmer favourite of mine, my Timberlands. They're perfect for getting through the snow and slush without having to worry about getting my socks wet. Anyways thanks to these bad boys I was able to trek through downtown Toronto to get my caffeine fix at Portland variety and hangout with my friends. I was even lucky enough to spend some time at the bar by my school (Linx) for the very first time! Which was extremely fun because my friends and I really needed to de-stress before midterms. The rest of my time absent has been spent either working on projects, or at home taking selfies and eating avocado toast. Now it's finally reading week and all I can say is Yikes. Just when you think its time for a break the "To-Do list" seems longer than ever, but as long as you focus on the means and have the end look after itself everything will fall in place in due time.

#DontStressBabyGirl  #WeCanDoThis

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Outfit Details

Varsity Jacket/ Stole it from my Dad

T-Shirt Dress/ Brandy Melville (Similar)

Denim Shirt (R.I.P) / Forever 21 (Similar)

Pants/ H&M (No longer Available)

Boots/ Timberland

This varsity jacket might be the coolest thing I've ever taken from my Dad, it's SO warm I have no idea how I would survive the winter without it. Also, I have quite the sad story about my denim shirt... I LOST IT! *insert 300 crying emojis* I was running for my bus and I guess I didn't tie it around my waist tight enough because it fell off, and I only noticed it was missing when I realized my outfit wasn't complete. *Insert another crying emoji because... damn*  You will be missed cheap Forever 21 denim button up. 

Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

Hey Hey! I finally got a vintage polaroid camera! I'm in absolute love with it, and I'm super excited to start taking cool photos, and documenting fun times with it. While I was visiting my family in Alberta, I forgot the charger for my Nikon Camera  so some of these photos are iPhone quality (lol my bad). But don't worry, my friend has the same charger as me so the High Quality photos will be back soon. 

Photo 2015-01-30, 10 04 51 PM.jpg

Outfit Details

Fuzzy Jacket/ Blackfive

Striped Halter Top/ Brandy Melville

High Waisted Jeans/ Urban Outfitters

I wanted a fuzzy little jacket like this for such a long time and I'm so happy I was able to find this one on Blackfive. Taking a photo with this camera is extremely exciting and I love that I never know what it's gonna look like in the end because of the little imperfections. Maybe I'll update you guys on the polaroid pictures I end up taking in the future, But for now be sure to check me out on social media for more pictures that I take with my Nikon and my iPhone.