Ready, Set, Fall

This is a baggu backpack. I got it from the Urban Outfitters website.

This is a baggu backpack. I got it from the Urban Outfitters website.

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Hello there everyone,

Believe it or not fall is my favourite season! Although I'm going to miss the warm summer breeze, I must admit I'm extremely excited for sweater weather. In this outfit I've layered my chambray button up from Forever 21, with my favourite new cardigan from H&M. This gave me a warm and comfortable feeling and I didn't feel bulky. I've paired these two pieces with my favourite skinny black pants from H&M and my TopShop boots.

I go to school 3 times a week so look out for brief OOTDs on my instagram.

3 Back to school Outfits

Hello There everyone,

I officially have 8 days until it's time for me to go back to school so I decided to share with you 3 outfits I plan of wearing for the first week of school.  

Tell me which outfit is your favourite in the comments! Or you could follow me on social media and tell me there. See you next Monday for a new Monthly Mantra! *insert kisses emoji* 

Music Monday: An Artist, A Song, and A Playlist

Hello There everyone and Happy Monday!!

Alright so as the title says, I wanted to share 3 things with you today, an artist, a song, and a playlist.

First I'd like to talk to you about Stromae

Paul Van Haver is a Belgian electronic musician who performs his music in French. His music is often upbeat and fun, however his lyrics are always deep and relatable to life. While watching Stromae's music videos its extremely easy to understand what the song is about. Whether you speak french or not.

Papaoutai is about a relationship between a boy and his distant father

Tous les Memes is about a relationship between a man and woman.

Stromae also has lessons on youtube where he shows his fans how he creates his music. I'm excited to say that I'll be seeing Stromae live in concert next month and hopefully I'll be able to video tape the show.


Now it's time to talk to you about the song I've been currently obsessed with its called "5 seconds" by Twin Shadow. It's has an 80s feel to it and I absolutely love it, not to mention the video is rather cool too.

Ok last but not least the playlist! For those who don't know as of this Saturday we only have one month of summer left. So I called this playlist "The Transition" because it's sweet and slow just like the transition from summer to fall. It has songs from the Neighbourhood, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake, so I think you guys might enjoy it. Feel free to listen to this playlist while cuddling up in your room preparing for sweater weather.

Alright you guys! I know I had a lot of music to share with you this week due to our new schedule change, but I hope you guys enjoyed all of these tunes. Be sure to share some of your music interest with me on social media.