Before the Storm

Hey everyone! I had such a crazy day today! This weekend my family and I decided to go fishing and things didn't really go as planned. First off, we didn't catch ANY FISH! Like none..! AT ALL! We were out there for two day guys,and we still caught nothing! Haha either way we had a lot of fun & I was able to snap a couple of pictures before it started to rain on us.

Outfit Details

Crochet knit Sleeveless Cardigan / Thrifted

 Astrology Crop Top / Brandy Melville (Sold Out)

High-waisted Bikini Bottoms / Garage (Sold Out)

I'm so sorry! None of the things I'm wearing are available online! My bikini bottoms just sold out, but I'm sure you guys would be able to find a similar style to mine. It's a high waisted bikini bottom with a zipper detailing on the front. This sleeveless cardigan is great and I love it so very much! It's totally one of the coolest purchases I've made in a thrift shop. For the top, it's an astrology Brandy Melville shirt I got a long while back. Just like all the items in Brandy it's super soft and a great shirt to chill in. I'm glad I was able to have such a wild time with my family and I'm excited to see what else we have in store for the rest of the summer


Stay Wild

Hello beautiful people, it's finally July! It's crazy how much of my summer break has already flown by! I only have 2 months left and then it's back to school! Just thinking about how short summer really is and how quickly we will all be back to school is kind of daunting. But don't stress! Just remember to make your summer as fun as possible, and make the most of everyday in the beautiful weather! Most of all, stay wild this July! ... Lol see what I did there ;)

Outfit Details

Graphic Ringer Tee / Aritzia

BDG Boyfriend Jeans / Urban Outfitters (Similar)

Jellies / American Apparel 

Sunnies / Urban Outfitters (Sold Out)

Baggu Backpack / Urban Outfitters

Im in absolute love with this ringer graphic tee I got from Aritzia! It's soft, and comfy, and a very cool piece to chill in. I paired this laid back piece with my BDG Boyfriend Jeans from Urban Outfitters, which I have future plans of distressing, and my American Apparel jellies. For accessories I just have a pair of sunnies from UO and my old canvas backpack from Baggu. I wish everyone a lovely July, and I hope its filled with wild and fun adventures.

Simple Illustrations

Hello there everyone, it's been a while since I've shown anyone my artwork so bare with me here. I recently started illustrating again this summer and this weekend I drew 3 pieces that I was proud enough to share with you guys. They are all very simple, clean, and have very little detail, however I think they look pretty cool. I hope you guys enjoy them.

I bought a lot of graphic tees lately and it inspired me to draw a couple of cool chicks with some similar styled tees on. Next week I have a lot of fun stuff going on so hopefully I get to document it all alongside a youtube video, but if not I'll surely have a couple of pictures.

Summer Solstice

It was seriously hot today and I loved it! Thank God it's finally summer! I can't wait to really break out the short shorts, and the swimsuits, and just jump into the water at the beach! Today I wandered around town, and just had a great time soaking up the sun. Okay, so I know you've seen this Vintage Levi's denim shirt before, but I'm in absolute love with it! It's so versatile, and it's a great piece to throw on over an outfit. Under the denim shirt I'm wearing my navy blue button up tank top from forever 21, which I also have in army green, and I'm wearing a pair of shorts I got a while back when I took a trip to Spain. 

Outfit Details

Denim Shirt / Vintage Levi's

Cropped Button up Tank Top / Forever 21 

Black Shorts / Oysho (Sold Out)

Minimal Heels / Urban Outfitters (Sold Out)

Drawstring Bag /  The Gap

Sunglasses / Urban Outfitters (Not available Online)

Casio Watch / American Apparel 

These heels are a little hidden treasure of mine I've had them for forever but I never get to wear them. I'n my opinion this backpack is the greatest part of this outfit! Why you ask? well because it was FIVE DOLLARS!! *insert hear eye emojis* The Gap was having a crazy sale the day I walked in and I basically got this bad boy for free! Haha literally the greatest feeling ever! I hope you all have a great start to summer and have a great day.



Lovers in the Parking Lot

Hey guys!! How was everyones weekend!? Mine was super rainy, and while I was taking these outfit of the day pictures it started to rain on me, so I didn't get to snap too many photos. I took these pictures in a parking lot, hence the title haha. The title is actually a reference to a Solange song that came out about two years ago. I'll put the song in my sidebar this week so you you guys can give it a listen.

Outfit Details

Jacket / Stolen from my gal @Oftheseers

Crop Top / Forever 21

Pants / H&M (Sold Out)

Ankle boots / Top Shop (Sold Out)

My lovely gal pal Seerlee (@oftheseers), lent me her jacket because she thought I'd be cold going out that day, and it basically completed my outfit! The crop top I'm wearing is an exact duplicate of the American Apparel sleeveless crop top, but instead of being $26, it was about $5! Which is amazing if you ask me! I still think the American Apparel one would be much better quality, and I do plan on getting it in many colours once I venture in there, but for now this one gets the job done. Let me know if you guys like the smaller amount of photos or you wish that I had more to scroll through like my other posts.