Tis' the Season?

This time of year is usually my favorite, and honestly how could it not be. The weather has been pretty decent, everything is decorated in beautiful white lights, and not only is Christmas just right around the corner, but so is MY BIRTHDAY!! However I can’t help but feel like a Grinch. I am semi excited because of all the things I listed above, however I’m not as excited as I was last year or the year before that.

Photo 2015-11-26, 7 19 51 PM.jpg

I’m assuming the reason I’m feeling so down is because I won’t be able to visit my family back in Alberta this Christmas. Spending the entire summer with them really made me realize how different things are not having my parents around all the time. I live with family here in Toronto so I’m not extremely alone or anything, but I really do miss all the time I’ve spent with my parents and my little brother. This is the first Christmas that I won’t be spending with them and it kinda hurts, mostly because it makes my brain wander to thoughts like “How many other Christmas’ will I miss?” or “will my little brother feel neglected because I didn’t come home for the holidays?” Of course the answers to these questions are a lot worse in my head than they are in real life, but nevertheless they do weigh very heavy on my conscious.

Varsity Jacket/  Stolen From Dad :)        White Sweater / H&M  (Similar)         Lightweight Jacket / Forever 21 (No longer Available)       Jeggings / Garage Clothing

Varsity Jacket/  Stolen From Dad :)        White Sweater / H&M  (Similar)         Lightweight Jacket / Forever 21 (No longer Available)       Jeggings / Garage Clothing

Although I’m a total Scrooge, I must say the Christmas market was very beautiful. Being around so many people with Christmas cheer kinda puts you in the mood to sing a carol or two.  They were serving these things called Chimney Sticks (which is basically a circular sugary stick of dough), shortbread, and giant turkey legs haha. Cute little couples wandered around with their dogs, giving each other little kisses every now and then, (which was super cute btw, like cringe worthy cute). There was even a merry-go-round and a Ferris wheel! It’s was a very magaical setting and if I wasn’t such a bitter little lady, I would’ve enjoyed it Sooooo much more haha.

Good ol’ life has hit me with a couple of curveballs and I couldn’t quite keep up. Some of them have been great and others have not been so great. I’m starting to question my time management skills and I’m wondering if I’m really capable of “doing it all”. When you have a lot of things on your plate, it’s kinda hard trying to keep them all in perfect order. At the moment, I’m really trying to focus on school, I only have 2 weeks left and I gotta put in some serious hours in the library. So if I end up missing in action for another month it’s because I’m trying to balance my plates, I swear; I'm not quitting on you guys. 

I'll still be extremely active on Instagram (considering it's my second home), so don't be a stranger! && try to send some of your holiday cheer my way! Haha I need it. I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season, and I hope you're all feeling lovely. Thank you for listening/ reading this very long holiday sap story of mine.

with Peace and Light,

Shanice Romelus

Body Positivity

It's taken me a long time to truly understand what body appreciation or body positivity means to me. I've never been overly insecure about they way I look, however I've never thought I had the perfect body. Just like any other person, I gawk over the super fit girls on Tumblr & Instagram and think "WOW as soon as I hit the gym I'm gonna look like that" or "I'm gonna take on the squat challenge so that I can have an awesome butt." 

While I was growing up I always thought that as a black woman I'm supposed to have an extremely round behind, or that I should have a very curvy figure. I've never really had much of an hourglass figure and I'm starting to come to terms with it. However every now and then I do catch myself wondering if a waist trainer would solve all my problems.

Lace Bodysuit / Aerie          Daisy Kimono / Brandy Melville ( No longer Available)      

Lace Bodysuit / Aerie          Daisy Kimono / Brandy Melville ( No longer Available)      

As I grow older I can't help but feel that black women ( and other women of colour) are only celebrated if their bottoms are large and round. I feel like only a certain type of Black girl is celebrated and if you don't fit that category you're pushed to the back burner and forgotten.

At this moment I realized that body positivity, and body appreciation is understanding what society recognizes as beautiful, but learning to celebrate yourself regardless. It's not about wanting to change into something that other people will find sexually appealing it's about looking into the mirror and saying "HEY! I'm pretty hot". 

2015-11-02 10.50.11 1.jpg

I encourage everyone to lounge around in their room wearing something that makes them feel extremely beautiful, and to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

with Peace and Light,

Shanice Romelus

p.s. don't be afraid to love you're itty bitty booty!

It's the only one you got!

Running through the Six

The past week has been absolutely insane! Not only did I have fashion shows to attend everyday, but I also had 3 midterms to study for and write! It was extremely hectic and I’m so glad it’s finally over.

After all of my exams, I finally got a chance to relax and go to “Glory Hole Doughnuts” which is a little donut bakery in Downtown Toronto. I’ve wanted to visit this place for such a long time, so it was nice to give myself a little treat after my exams were finished. But of course, the relaxation didn’t end there; I also decided to spend a couple of dollars in Brandy Melville on some new pieces for winter. The last photo is a snapshot of my suede fringe shirt in action! I wore this to the Hayley Elasaesser fashion show that I attended on the Tuesday. I actually recognized some of the Toronto Models from Instagram lol.

The last set of photos looks over a very relaxed day of studying and wandering through the city (on the only day I didn't have a fashion show to attend). I went to Little Nicky's coffee for the first time and I got my self a latte and some donuts :) theres a popular picture on Tumblr of this cafe that I see all the time, so I was happy I actually got a chance to  go see this cafe in person.

I'm excited for everything to die down and get back to normal. It's fun when things are hectic for a little while but the longer things are out of control the less exciting it becomes and the more stressful it gets. Although it was a crazy week, it was also a very awesome and exciting week, filled with a lot of fashion envy and amazing fashion shows. I hope you guys liked my little update (via Instagram), I have a couple of pretty exciting things coming up so be sure to follow me on my social media sites & stay tuned for more blog posts.

with Peace and Light,

Shanice Romelus

Toronto Fashion Week: Day 1

GUYS! World Master Card Fashion Week has kicked off in Toronto and I am MORE than excited! This is my first time attending and I don’t think my excitement will wear off until the week is over! I have a feeling this week is gonna be pretty hectic, but I’m gonna try my best to have a post up for each show I attend this week.

Sunnies / Ardene     Vintage Levi's Jacket / Thrifted     T-shirt / Brandy Melville     Shorts / Aritzia (SOLD OUT)    Thigh High Boots / H&M

Sunnies / Ardene     Vintage Levi's Jacket / Thrifted     T-shirt / Brandy Melville     Shorts / Aritzia (SOLD OUT)    Thigh High Boots / H&M

While getting ready this morning I was extremely worried about what I should wear to the show, but then I remembered something I read in a Zoe Kravitz interview for Nylon Magazine. 

Everyone is looking at everyone else to find out what’s cool. No one knows what’s cool. Just do it with confidence – no one can take that away from you
— Zoe Kravitz

In my opinion this quote speaks in volumes, mostly because it’s extremely true. We’re always looking at other people, or celebrities to figure out what’s cool enough. When in reality, the people who are doing their own thing are the ones who are being praised. So in honour of doing my own thing, I wore one of my favourite pieces to the show, my oversized vintage denim jacket. 

Mikhael Kale’s spring and summer collection for 2016 was absolutely stunning! His work was so detailed and beautiful. It’s really got me excited for Spring! The collection included bright floral patterns, ruffles, and beading! 

My picture definitely didn’t do Kale’s work any justice, but I’m very glad I was able to see his work in person, especially after I received the Elle Canada Magazine for the month of October. Gigi Hadid was on the cover wearing a custom made Mikhael Kale design just for the shoot. They were also giving the magazine away at the show. It was such an amazing time and I'm so excited for Day 2! I hope you guys enjoyed the post and I hope you have a great day! :)

with Peace and Love,

Shanice Romelus

My desire for something Designer

It’s crazy how just walking downtown and taking a glimpse of the designer stores can put all sorts of luxurious ideas in your head. I’m currently having a long and hard battle with myself on whether or not I should buy a pair of Prada sunglasses. I’ve tried the glasses on about a million times and I just sigh when look at myself in the mirror wearing them. It feels a little crazy to type this, but I guess the main problem is that I’m not sure if I’m the person (or if I want to be the person) who would spend over $300 on a pair of sunglasses. 

Sunnies / Ardene      Jacket / Brandy Melville     Cropped Tank / Urban Planet  (Similar)     High-waisted Jeans / Urban Outfitters      Backpack / Urban Outfitters (No longer Available)

When I look at them, realistically, (with the voice of my mother and father in my head) I realize that they are just plastic. They really are just a plain pair of sunnies that are definitely fashion over function; the only thing that separates them from a pair of sunnies I would find anywhere else is that they have a Prada logo on them. However I can’t stop obsessing over them! 

When I put them on it’s almost like I can imagine the type of woman who would wear sunglasses like this. The type with endless amounts of disposable income, who looks effortlessly cool all the time, has a great social life & career, and could travel the world at the drop of a pin if she wanted to. I guess I want these sunnies so bad because I aspire to live a life as great and luxurious as that, and who doesn’t. But when I get my head out of the clouds I remember that lifestyles so virtually perfect only exist in the movies and on Tumblr. 

In reality after I buy those Prada sunglasses I’m not going to turn into some super cool socialite, I’m still going to be me. I’ll still be attending school and I'll still be taking the public transit on a daily basis, I may look super freaking cool while doing it & I’m sure all the ladies who want a pair of Prada sunglasses will be super envious of my amazing style (haha) but I’m just not sure if it’s all really worth it.

What do you guys think? Should I splurge or should I spend my dollars on something more practical?

In other news! I decided to use this layout for this post today mostly because It reminded me of a moodboard and I thought it gave off the super chill and relaxed vibes of the day very well. I hope you guys enjoyed the post. I'm gonna go watch "The Bling Ring" and pretend I'm Emma Watson's character Nikki lol.

with Peace and Love

Shanice Romelus